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Writing is studying and sharing, to leave a tangible mark



No-Alibi culture: no more complaints,  make things happen

The alibi culture triggers a vicious circle between the lack of responsibility and the inability to make things happen: it is time to delete it, we need leaders "who hit badly raised balloons".
Il Sole 24 Ore

10 things I learned about how to innovate training

The way of training must be innovated, not once but continuously, because as the economic, social and cultural dynamics change, if learning remains stationary everything fails fast.

Work-life balance does not exist: how to build the new Life Balance

There is a new way of working in front of us: flexibility, respect for diversity, accountability and work for objectives will allow us to archive the work-life balance and achieve, each in its own way, a real Life Balance.
Il Sole 24 Ore

How I did it and what I learned about building a school from scratch

Building a school is building a company. And something more, because the product you develop has an impact on the people who buy it. How I founded and made European Talent Garden Innovation School.

Companies must hire Intrapreneurs (not toy soldiers)

Only 21% of managers believe they have the skills, expertise and commitment needed to grow in the company. That's why intrapreneurs are precious: they create bonds, they experiment, they push creativity in teams.

Il Sole 24 Ore

These companies will fail due to lack of employees

The relationship between company and employees changes, turning into a mature relationship between people.  "How do we build our relationship?" is the question that recruiters and managers will hear more and more often.

How I managed to be an HR director without ever saying "HR"

Companies must interpret new social values that are no longer negotiable: transparency, trust, continuous change. In this way they can build their future by focusing on people, the main asset of economic growth.

SMEs: learn to work smart to attract talent and grow

The challenge: to make relationships work better within the company. The opportunity: co-design a new way of working. The consequence:  business growth. The risk: disappearing.
Il Sole 24 Ore

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